Oct 2, 2017

How Much Does it Cost to Build a WordPress Website with a Web Agency?

written by Victoria Topalo
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Since WordPress is open source and free to download, non-technical people expect the process of building a website to be fast and cheap. This can be true for simple business card type sites, but it’s rarely the case for more complex sites with roughly 10 distinct pages (landing page, “about us” page, “services” page, “blog” page, “contact” page and a few generic pages like “terms of service”), e-commerce sites and ones that require some custom developed features.
Breaking down websites into different budget categories, such types could be marked out:

  • simple, low-budget websites;
  • websites with multiple features;
  • e-commerce websites;
  • custom websites

Let’s see, what factors influence the price of developing your WordPress website.

Points to consider before starting the project…

Oftentimes, when we receive a request for building a WordPress website, one of the very first questions we’ve been asked is “How much will it cost to build my website?”. To give a proper answer to this question we need to understand an approximate work scope, which depends on such important points as:

  • What the website’s purpose/goal will be;
    Crear understanding of website’s purpose helps to better navigate its visitors and convert them to clients, newsletter subscribers or social media followers.
  • Who the target audience and the most typical customer is;
    The most common pitfall of site owners is thinking that everyone is their prospective client. If you build an e-commerce store for women’s makeup, then your website doesn’t need to appeal to men etc.
  • What functions/features your site will contain;
    If you have any specific wishes about your website’s functionality like integration with CRM or some conversion tracking systems, plugins, and extensions,  make sure you tell about this at the planning stage, so you could a proper estimate of development costs.
    In this fields, we can not only develop what you want but also advise you, help avoid some hidden traps, develop something in less time, reuse something etc.
  • What your timeframe is;
    Some site owners may be limited in time because of various reasons. Say they want to quickly test some ideas or get investors. So when the time is crucial, more resources are usually needed to get things done as fast as possible. Such urgency results in higher cost for web development.   


How do we charge? How do we make dev cost transparent?

Rate per hour
We have a fixed hourly rate –  $65 per hour. If we spent more than 200 hours, the rate goes down to $62. So, It is all about hours consumption. Using Toggle, we submit time sheets every day. At the end of the month, we submit the total amount of hours and send an invoice with a 30-days due.

Projects with a fixed price
When we work with agencies, we receive a heads-up about the upcoming projects at an early stage, when sometimes no mockups built and no wireframes created. We join the discussion on an early stage, give advice, estimate the budget of the project. An agency typically wants to know how much a project costs before signing the contract. We try to make that estimates and be accurate with them, and at the end of the day, all projects have fixed price.

Charging for tweaks and minor changes

Often a client comes with new wishes, changes, remarks when a project is done and launched. If it’s not something huge, we simply do an extra job at once and waste no time on estimations. For instance, when estimations may take a half an hour, and making what client wants, may take three hours, it is more reasonable to do the thing immediately not wasting time on its assessment. In such cases, a standard hourly rate is applied. So, all tweaks and changes initiated by the client are charged like that.


Planning to build a WordPress website and want to evaluate the development costs for your project or maybe just need an advice? Feel free to contact us anytime!


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