How not to go bankrupt
due to technology debt!

Start KRK Up - Krakow Startup Week
October 28th, 2017 - 12:00-3:00 PM

Every technology startup, whether mobile or web browser enabled, is primarily a source code written in one language or another.

The technological startup has its roots in CODE!

Whether you’re running an in-house team, working distributedly, or outsourcing, quality is the key.


The quality of code affects:

  • user experience,
  • speed of new functionality implementation,
  • ability to attract investors and talent,
  • high-load capabilities,
  • and more!

Who’s this meeting for?

This 3-hour meeting is prepared especially for startups who already have: a dev team, CTO or Product Owner.
The event is limited to 25 selected companies (you can apply below). We care about a unified group with similar experience in managing their own development teams (internal or external).

event moderator:

Few words about Chris


With over ten years of experience as a backend developer and a passion for Symfony, he can confidently say that he knows his way around PHP-based, Object-Oriented Programming. For startup clients and established brands alike, he enjoys developing both web and mobile solutions.

He always follows best practices like PSR-1 and PSR-2, and has a strong knowledge of Git workflows, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. In his day-to-day, he also enjoys taking on simple frontend features using, TWIG, Twitter Bootstrap 3, LESS/CSS, HTML5 and JS/jQuery.

When it comes to starting new projects, he differentiates himself by his emphasis on clear communication, something he believes is critical to building long-lasting working relationships.


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  1. What is “technological debt” in general and how can it harm you.
  2. Dealing with unexpected implementation setbacks?
  3. What about the “fail fast, fail cheap,” mantra?
  4. Difference between inhouse and remote distributed team, as well as software houses.
  5. Case Study: I want to make a lot of changes and I want to do it quickly because it receives a lot of feature requests from early adopters. How to meet their demands without torpedoing my own project?
  6. Discussion panel.

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