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Los Angeles based custom software dev studio

Focused on serving California based digital agencies, startups, and companies from the B2B sector.


B2B: E-commerce, Processes Automation

The current state of IT systems allows us to automate processes and build custom solutions, significantly improving companies' workflows. From 3rd party bricks to fully custom systems, choose what suits you best.


External Dev Team for Digital Agencies

We’ve been partnering with agencies since 2009. Not only we know what they come to expect, but also we pride ourselves on our reliability, quality of code, and quick turnover. Agencies have trusted us to work on brands like McDonald’s, Burberry, Netflix, Hulu, and more.


Rapid Development or Rescue Team for Startups

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach, we’ve helped countless startups get on their feet, scale, or simply recover from previous learning opportunities.

Reliable tech partner focused on business value

The Codesushi dev ninjas first launched their battle against spaghetti code in 2009. Today, we have dojos in California and Poland.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle extreme complexity but also have a unique way of bringing projects to life with beauty and simplicity. Our works are compliant with the latest programming standards and current trends. We have SCORM and HIPAA-compliant capabilities as well. Enthusiasm for tech is what bound us together but our amazing clients are what keep us together.

Meet The Team
We excel in
Types of projects we have the most experience with

How we deliver great results

We use your Toolbox

Your tools or ours, we adapt to our client’s process to make collaboration as seamless as possible.

Follow Internal Specs

We follow coding style guides, which are very helpful in preventing technical debt or future problems in the code.

Overnight Delivery

With offices in California and Europe, the Codesushi team is able to leverage time zones to deliver projects considerably faster than most other local teams.


Relationships are built on trust and reputation. Delivery is only half of the game. As partners, we’re here from beginning to end, providing status updates daily.

In our work, we stick to the following principles


Mutual Respect

Encouraging mutual respect helps to increase productivity and understanding in the workplace.


Full transparency

By doing daily standups, daily scrum, where we submit our progress to the client’s repository.

Time tracking

We take time seriously. For tracking hours during the project, we use a time tracking tool called Toggle. Sometimes our clients use their own time tracking tools, and that works well too.

Flexible pricing

We have a fixed hourly rate - $65 per hour. If we spent more than 200 hours, this rate goes down to $62.

Quality Assurance

We use Ghost Inspector to run some necessary tests, and BrowserStack to test the most common platforms and mobile devices.


In most cases, we use Slack, where we have access to the project manager or Scrum Master on the agency-side, and we have our developers there. Often we also use Skype, HipChat, Gitter.

When your reputation is on the line, don't settle for spaghetti code.

While spaghetti may be delicious, spaghetti code is most definitely not. The Codesushi team is dedicated to packaging tight elegant code for all of your web development needs.

We build ecommerce products

Since our foundation in 2005, our goal has been to use digital technology to create experiences.

We’re a team of developers, project managers and marketing professionals that build websites and webapps for agencies’ digital campaigns. We worked behind-the-scenes to bring projects to life. Our Experience and knowledge we put into open code Headless Storefront solution - B2Storefront

B2Storefront - headless storefront
What our clients saying
We focused on long-term relationships

From concept to the final product, Codesushi developed an advanced SaaS web platform complete with API and mobile app, client accounts managment layer. I am pleased from the course of our collaboration, and happy to recommend their services. Their experience makes the difference, it make step development process more efficient, and help reduce the costs.

Yves Benini Founder, EasyLed

Codesushi helped implement’s methodology by successfully delivering the framework for our Accounting Scrum project, a tool that helps our accounting teams operate more productively and handle financial challenges more easily. We’d like to thank our technical partners not only for the quality of their work, but also for their professional approach, high-level expertise and helpful insight.

Patrick Humpal Founder, AccountingScrum

They differentiate themselves because of their quality control. Since the system was implemented, the client has doubled their increase in revenue. Process-wise, Codesushi established a strong workflow and responded to any bugs or changes in a timely fashion, freeing up time for the client to focus on work beyond the very detailed level.

Danny Watts atLarge Agency

Codesushi developed new features and modified existing flow in a peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace. This team goes the extra mile.

Frank Sykes Founder,

Codesushi helped us to deliver an ambitious project within an even more ambitious timeframe. They proved to be a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable development partner.

Joris Hooi

Their expertise and knowledge in PHP, Symfony2 Framework is a great addition to our 3 person team and they have consistently produced high quality work in a timely fashion. We have had no problems with communication and availability of Codesushi, even considering we are based in the UK. They have presented great value as a remote team.

Andreas Petri Co-Founder, RLN Corp.