3 Key Reasons To Start Using Chatbots


With the growing popularity of messengers, these communication tools quickly enriching their feature set with more and more functions. A new study from digital market intelligence firm SimilarWeb says, that U.S. smartphone users spent daily on messaging apps an average of 23 minutes and 23 seconds. With less time left for apps and exponentially more time spent in messengers, developers pretty much had to invent new ways of integrating their services into new platforms. The solution came with the introduction of chatbots – a quick and unusual way of interacting with the web.

The popular messaging platforms like WeChat, Line, Facebook, Slack and Telegram allow developers to build chatbots or messaging bots, and thus the ability to provide automated services through the messaging interface. Here are the main reasons why chatbots are awesome.

The In the past few years, mobile apps downloads around the world has proved to be an exponentially growing trend. And this trend continues to point upwards moving forward into the near future. On an individual level, this means you might have something like 30 apps on your phone (or more). Apps are exciting and useful, and while having app choices offers some convenient benefits, statistics show that oddly, you’re not using the far majority of them.


Great personalization tool

Unlike websites and apps that are intended to solve the problems for groups of people, chatbots can be specifically crafted to the needs of particular individuals. Since getting information from people is one of the bots’ core specialities, they should ask user the right questions and deliver them the relevant flow of content and notifications. Chatbots can perform the role of personal advisor, shop assistant or even technical expert for your business.

“Soon, we will be able to accurately predict a user’s behavior and automatically suggest the message they are most likely to act on and the best time to deliver it”, – said İlker Köksal CEO of Botanalytics.

Retail stars H&M and Sephora launched bots on messaging app Kik to assist clients in finding and buying their products.


Perfect solution for saving time

Every day we communicate via digital channels with our colleagues, friends, or family. While we schedule meetings, discuss tasks, send warm birthday wishes, say that we’ll be late for a dinner, we hardly realize how many text messages are similar or even identical. Chatbots can answer the most of the incoming messages offering up stock responses.

A good example of such type of bots is Fluently. Its website says ”At Fluenty, we are using machine learning to change the way people communicate…” Fluenty app suggests AI-generated smart replies to your messages in Google Hangouts, FB Messenger, Whatsapp, KakaoTalk, and SMS.


Excellent partner within business communication

Chatbots may be a solution to the problem of employee communication. All your employees are using popular messaging apps and email for both internal and personal communication. Knowing that you can reach employees any time you need and schedule these messages in a favorable way.

Another advantage of using chatbots in your business communication is their capacity to work in low bandwidth. Moreover, they work well even without the Internet, just over SMS. For companies which need to communicate with employees in remote locations, chatbots are an ideal solution.


Have you already experienced the benefits of using chatbots? Share with us your thoughts and personal use cases.


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