Codesushi Joins Clutch!

A fast-growing web development company, Codesushi is a team of developers, project managers, and marketing professionals that build expert websites and web applications. We have experience in multiple markets, including the US and Europe, and work across a number of different industries. Whether our client is a government agency, an e-commerce site, or a startup, we provide the same level of service and deliver quality solutions.

Overall, we’re always striving to perfect our technological knowledge and technical expertise, but at the highest level, our values continue to be trust, open communication, and relationship-building. For this reason, we have recently partnered with Clutch, a B2B market research firm dedicated to facilitating successful business relationships.

Note from Clutch:

“Alongside other web developers on their site, Codesushi has a profile that describes their services, industry focus, and capabilities. Clutch evaluates and ranks the companies on its site using a proprietary research methodology. The Leader’s Matrix then organizes the companies according to their focus and ability to deliver in the relevant industry. Additionally, at the core of their process are client reviews. Clients are encouraged to reflect honestly on their experience with a company, and their comments are then published as written reviews to the agency’s profile. The reviews provide insights into everything from project management and services provided to ways that the collaboration could have been improved. 

We are very grateful to those of our clients who have taken the time to share their experiences with Clutch. Without their diligence, we would not have this opportunity to maintain accountability and transparency.

Acting as an in-house development team for a digital agency, the Codesushi team was responsible for implementing the backend of an API. When the partner of the firm was interviewed by an analyst at Clutch, he commented: “they [Codesushi] differentiate themselves because of their quality control.”

Additionally, another client noted with satisfaction, “I’ve been extremely happy with the product and the work they’ve done.”

Some other unique attributes to Codesushi include its specialization in working almost exclusively with digital agencies, its unique team of talented engineers and its ability to work in two timezones which provide rapid turnover for their clients.

In word and practice, we at Codesushi pride ourselves on our reliability and quality service. We hope that these reviews will build further trust and confidence with prospective buyers. That said, if you’re a business in need of a trustworthy partner that can also deliver elegant code and innovative solutions, you can get in touch with us today by filling out this contact form.

We look forward to the challenges and growth opportunities to come from our continued partnership with Clutch!