Page Speed: Why You Should Care

Page Speed: Why You Should Care


Oftentimes, when tasked with creating a website, non-technical people find themselves in the similar shoes of a new car buyer. When presented with the question, what are you looking for?, many non-mechanical types may reply with a, “I like the red one,” or something to that effect. They don’t know what they want exactly, but they know what they see. And they like what they see. People are drawn to visually-appealing things.

But as most people implicitly know, it’s not only how the car looks on the outside that counts. It’s not even about what the car looks like on the inside. Yes, lots of features and leather seats are great, but you can’t buy a car without first opening the proverbial hood.

Same goes for a website. Whether you’re putting together your own digital presence or developing a creative campaign for a client, there are two reasons why page speed should be on your list of concerns, hand-in-hand with aesthetics and functionality.


Reason One: Page speed affects SEO

Without going too far into the details, Google uses page speed to influence its SEO rankings. Google has been able to dominate the search engine market by delivering the best user experience out there.

If your website’s slow, you’re not in line with that strategy. While it’s true, Google may not actively penalize you for having an unoptimized website, it doesn’t need to; there are enough other websites that will do just fine taking your place at the top of the search page.


Reason Two: Page speed affects people

This doesn’t need much explanation: a poor user experience will have an impact on your website’s visitors. Looking to drive conversions? Impressions? Advertising dollars? It’s hard if people are leaving your site.

While “slow” may be subjective, the web’s big players are working to put some objective numbers on performance impact. For example, Amazon’s analytics team found that they increased revenue by 1% for every 100ms of improvement. While that may not seem huge, it adds up, especially in the e-Commerce world. Small investments in page speed can yield solid returns down the road.


So while webpage optimization may not be the sexiest of subjects, keep speed in mind next time you go “car shopping”. Sure that sleek cabrio may look good from first impressions, and it may be great around the city, but have fun finding the tow hitch when you need to pull high-loads. Have fun finding yourself limited to serving one user at a time.

Whether it’s your first time dealing with traffic, or you’d just like another opinion while researching various options, feel free to shoot our Codesushi team a note. We’d be happy to show you the ropes.

Without the creepy car salesman thing, going on.


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