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 Online retail is booming, and the number of ecommerce websites grows rapidly. In a fight for customers win those retailers, whose website can provide a smooth and easy buying experience. At Codesushi, we believe that a skillfully built website is as important as a good marketing strategy. With that in mind, we help our customers to build websites tailored to their products and business needs.

 We prefer to work with such powerful platforms as WordPress, Drupal and Magento. Though, oftentimes we build custom ecommerce projects (Feel free to reach out if you’d like to see some examples).

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Subscription-Based vs. Open-Source

 Switching platforms could be a nightmare, so keep that in mind and choose your software wisely. Here are some points to help you decide.


Subscription-based Commercial Products
Shopify, BigCommerce

A simple, user-friendly interface and usually quick and easy to set up for non-programmers

Low upfront cost
It depends on a pricing plan that you’ve selected. Normally, each plan differs in provided functionality

Free updates & support
Software updates, maintenance and support are provided by the vendor

Template and add-ons
A plethora of free or low priced templates and add-ons of great quality

You lease your website from the vendor. If you decide to cancel your contract, your site may disappear

Limited everything
With various restrictions like limited bandwidth or number of transactions, vendors try to sell you the priciest subscription plan

High overall cost
Numerous monthly fees result in high overall cost you your website

Not flexible
With a limited number of features available , you don’t have much options to customize your site. If you have lots of products and ambitious plans to grow, you’d better choose one of the open-source platforms.
Free & Open-source Software
Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce

Full-control & flexibility
You decide what features should be included or enhanced, where to host the site etc.

No subscription plans or monthly fees for using the software.

No limitations
Your bandwidth and number of transactions are not restricted. Sky’s the limit.

Suitable for larger web stores
It’s a good option for both small shops that grow continuously or large enterprise web stores with thousands of products.

Popular software choice
Extensive documentation for developers, forums, wiki, guides.

High upfront cost
Expenses for building your own website are always higher than a monthly cost of any commercial software

More time to set up
You’ll have to wait until the site is built and ready to use.

Paid updates
You have to pay for updates and maintenance. The price depends on an hourly rate of a developer.

Extra time to learn
You’ll have to spend some time learning how to use your website.

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