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We’ve been partnering with agencies since the beginning. Not only do we know what agencies come to expect, we pride ourselves on our reputation for reliability.

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From Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach, we’ve helped countless startups get on their feet, scale, or simply recover from previous learning opportunities.

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From media companies to government ministries, eCommerce sites to international banks, our devs have experience across a wide range of industries.

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We help VCs evaluate startups’ tech!

Why TechCheck

Let’s find out why technical site audit is important for your business and website performance


What is TechCheck?

TechCheck is an independent technology review for startups for the purpose of valuation, optimization or process improvement.

Tell me More about Tech Check?

Tech Check has two parts. A one hour interview and an independent assessment of the code, architecture, plans and operations of the organization.

How can you understand my business in just one hour?

Well, our goal is not to tell you if you have a good product or a good idea. We believe it takes the right plan, architecture, execution and staff to make any idea succeed.

How does your scoring work?

Our analysis consists of over 100 different questions and checks. Each question or check can be scored on a scale of 0, 1,2 or 3.

Tell me more about Scoring?

Besides giving you an overall score, we give you a score for each of the four focus areas (planning, architecture, operations, people). A score below 1.5 is considered risky, 1.5 to 2.5 indicates some remediation may be necessary and 2.5 or above indicates high likelihood of success.

How much does it cost?

The check costs $2500 for the basic service, and we can offer more in depth analysis or remediation if necessary through a mutually agreed statement of work.

How long does it take?

The service takes about a week from start to finish. This includes up to three meetings or conference calls with you, as well as the behind the scenes analysis, scoring and recommendation creation.

What do you offer/produce?

We produce three things: A risk matrix that outlines the risks we’ve observed, in planning, operations, architecture and staffing. It is based on an interview, code analysis and tools and processes review. The resulting impact analysis and recommendations help you remediate or mitigate any problems and be more successful.

How do I know you won’t steal my idea?

Beyond just taking our word for it we can execute mutual non-disclosure agreements; we don’t need access to secret algorithms or sensitive parts of the code, you can simply tell us the interfaces and performance parameters of those interfaces so we can identify any potential pitfalls.

Can you provide Samples of your work?

Our work is confidential and we don’t disclose our findings to anybody but our customer directly. But I can tell you more the report you receive and how we advise our customers if that’s helpful.

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